Aesculap BladeCool

• highly effective, technical spray that immediately cools and cleans the blade set

• easy to use: simply spray on before, during and after using the blade set

• improves the cutting result and keeps the shearing blades and cutter head sharp longer

• reliably removes hair and fur residue as well as dirt

Tip: After the spray is used, the clipping head should be oiled.

The invention of the first electrically operated hair clippers in 1912 precipitated another milestone in the success story of Aesculap. The product range of clippers and clipping heads including accessories has continued to be expanded over the decades, and Aesculap Suhl GmbH now makes it all.

Aesculap clippers are made using cutting-edge, computer-aided machinery. As a premium brand in clippers and grooming, Aesculap is very conscious of their responsibility to professional and private users when it comes to maintaining high quality standards. Today, Aesculap clippers can be found in around 80 % of professional dog grooming salons and in more than 90 % of all veterinary practices in Germany.

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GTA100 500 ml 1/12 9.99 €

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