• easy-to-use vole trap with a unique design

• extremely reliable and excellent impact force for successful capture

• just a few actions are needed and the trap is armed in seconds

• the size of the trap is designed so that a hole of just a few centimetres is all that’s needed

• the accessory set (can be ordered separately), comprising a search rod and hole digger, makes the work easier

• the trap is easy to spot from outside thanks to the cat head design

• The trap is set by pulling out the red collar – as long as this is visible, the trap has not yet been triggered! The trap has been triggered when only the cat head is visible without a red collar.

• field mice and voles are captured from both directions

• eco-friendly, reusable and if used correctly harmless to users and household pets

• accessory set comprising search rod and hole digger

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Vole Trap VoleStop
1/10 16.99 €
Accessory set
1/4 12.99 €

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