BioCatch Snail Trap

Take back the enjoyment of your garden and successfully fight plagues of snails with the BioCatch Snail Trap!

With the BioCatch Snail Trap, you can fight snails in your garden easily, quickly, effectively and most importantly in an eco-friendly way!

Fill the trap with beer, which is still the best lure for snails, and set up the trap where snails frequent.

The scent of the lure will attract the snails, which will then crawl into the trap through the hole at the bottom.

Then they fall into the liquid lure and drown.

With a bayonet fastening, the top part and bottom part are extremely easy to separate, making filling of the lure much easier.

The transparent top section provides a view of the trap, allowing the tank to be emptied in good time.

Snails are active at night.

So set the trap up fresh before sunset. The radius of effectiveness per trap is around 100 m².

Important: The trap must be cleaned with detergent each time it is emptied.

• highly efficient action against snails

• hygienic & discreet in the garden

• non-toxic and environmentally friendly

• easy to use & large radius of effectiveness