constanta3 Sheep Shearing Machine

with Enormous Power

• the new motor technology provides the constanta3 an enormous power

• the constanta3 is not even "brought down" by the thickest wool

• the blades glide through the sheep’s wool without power loss

• special ventilation system: fan wheel and ventilation circuit result in substantially improved ventilation dynamics

• air filter exchangeable without tools

• aluminium die casting clipper head with louvres prevents over heat

• easy to maintain shell housing with ergonomic handle area for low-tiring work

• the shear blades are made of special HRC-tempered tool steel. This special steel provides constanta shear blades an extra ordinary service life with improved sharpening characteristics and special cutting capacity

• is shipped in a sturdy plastic case with acessories

• tested and certified

Tecnical datas:Supply voltage: 230 V ac

Motor rating: 400 W

Frequency: 50 Hz

Dimensions (W/H/L): 8,0 x 10,8 x 35,5 cm

Sound pressure level: 87 dB (A)

Double strokes/min.: 2400

Cable: 3 m

Weight (without cable): 1468 g

ref. no.
Shearing head without shear blade set
1 159.00 €
Constanta shear blade set 13/4 teeth
1/50 42.99 €
Upper Blade, 4 teeth
1/50 13.99 €
Lower blade, 13 teeth
1/50 35.99 €

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