WolfNet Vario

Our versatile wolf defence net in the TitanNet range

We have worked with experts in the field of wolf defence to completely redesign our wolf net, giving you the perfect compromise between user-friendliness and effective herd protection. The stiff plastic vertical struts, tried and tested for many years, provide stability even in hilly terrain. The special +/- principle makes WolfNet Vario one of our most versatile nets, and you can adapt it to suit your own individual situation in the field.

Product details:

• Length 50 m

• 14 integrated white plastic posts with galvanised double prong

• 7 x TriCOND rows of 3 x 0.30 mm with +/- connectors provide maximum conductivity

• optionally connectable, reinforced grounding wire for earthing along the whole length of the net under difficult ground conditions (e.g. very sandy or dry soils)

• improved footing and optimal terrain adaptation thanks to stable vertical struts every 30 cm

• we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic wires

+/- principle – maximum security through more intense pulses In plus-minus fence devices, the conductor tracks are linked alternatively with the fence terminal (+) and the earth terminal (-) using conductor bundling clips. The resulting grounding wires intensify the electric shock to the animal even in difficult ground conditions such as dry, sandy or snow-covered ground.

Expert tip: For protection against wolves, we recommend fence devices from 7.7 joules (input) and our AKO Mobil Power AN 5500 digital (372560)
ref. no.
WolfNet Vario, single prong
50 m 108 cm 1 35 109.00 €
WolfNet Vario, double prong
50 m 108 cm 1 35 115.00 €
Spare Post, single prong
108 cm 1/50 3.59 €
Spare Post, double prong
108 cm 1/50 3.99 €
Herd protection band blue/white 80 mm
100 m 1 72,000 11.99 €
Spare Wolf Netting 95 cm black, double prong
1/50 3.59 €
Spare Top Insulator
1/10/500 0.39 €
Spare Stopper
1/10/500 0.39 €

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