Horsefly Glue TaonX

• high-quality horsefly glue that remains firmly adhered to the substrate even at high temperatures

• for making a cost-effective glue trap in combination with the bucket trap or a TaonX ball

• simply coat the surface with TaonX Horsefly Glue to cover and the trap tape is immediately ready to catch annoying horseflies

• once the trap is full of horseflies, simply paint over them with a fresh layer of glue

• works without insecticides and is weather- and rain-resistant

• bucket trap complete with suspension cord and spring snap hook for mounting on trees, eaves, wooden poles, etc.

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Horsefly Glue TaonX
500 g 1/12 11.99 €
Horsefly Glue TaonX
1,5 kg 1 29.99 €
Bucket for TaonX Horsefly Glue
1 6.49 €

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