Grain Moisture Meter TwistGrain pro

• unique electric 3-point measurement of moisture with test pressing

• TwistGrain is programmed for many crops: wheat, rye, barley, triticale, oats, rapeseed, maize, etc.

• the audio signal in the screw cap confirms if the test sample has been pressed sufficiently hard

• precise measurement of whole grains of many plant types

• the measurement result can be read in bright sunlight as well as the dark thanks to the graphic display with backlight and high contrast, as well as a wide viewing angle

• USB interface

• glass-fibre reinforced screw cap and housing made from shakeproof material (ABS) ensure your device is extremely strong

• fast and easy to use - ideal for working in the field

• you can measure grain moisture in seconds with a very small device that weighs just 0.5 kg

• 3-year guarantee

The set includes:

• moisture Meter DRAMINSKI Twist Grain pro with cap

• carrying pouch

• carrying strap for the pouch to hang up the device

• USB cable

• incl. 4 alkali-manganese batteries, type AA, 1.5 V

• incl. 1 battery, type CR2032, 3 V (in the cap)

• includes operating instructions

technical data
Weight incl. batteries:
520 g
16.5 x 7.0 x 7.5 cm
Sample volume:
90 ml
Power supply:
4 x type AA - 1.5 Volt 1 x type CR2032- 3 Volt (in the cap)
LCD display with LED lighting
Accuracy of humidity measurement:
+/- 0.5 % (standard seeds)
Accuracy of temperature measurement:
+/- 0.5°C in the range of 0°C to 85°C
ref. no.
Grain Moisture Meter TwistGrain pro
1/16 399.00 €
Temperature Probe for TwistGrain pro 1.5 m
1/16 179.00 €
29369 1/16 359.00 €

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