Rodent Cage 4-Seasons Deluxe


This spacious, weatherproof and insulated Rodent House 4-Seasons Deluxe is an "all-rounder" in any weather!

It protects rodents against cold in the winter and heat in the summer.

The Rodent House is well equipped for the cold season with 3.5 cm thick walls and Styrofoam interior lining. The Rubber Heating Plate 70238 (230V 18W) can be integrated into the base plate of the upper floor to create additional warmth if required. The Plexiglas discs give you the option of extra protection from wind and frost for your little ones. The discs are also equipped with ventilation holes. The three front doors open separately, making feeding, petting and cleaning easier. The resting area of this rodent house is upstairs, so your darlings are kept nice and warm. An extra-large plastic tray allows you to add more bedding and makes cleaning easier. The plastic feet are adjustable in height.

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82724 130 x 66 x 110 cm 295.00 €

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