Large Hutch

with connector set for plug trays

• suitable as a mobile shelter for sheep

• one-piece hutch made of fibreglass mat laminate, which guarantees uniform wall thickness and maximum stability, even with significant temperature fluctuations

• the built-in UV protection ensures pleasant temperatures in the hutch in direct sunlight

• healthy climate thanks to improved air circulation as a result of the increased roof slope

• with sliding window on the rear of the hutch

• including 2 eyebolts on the hutch roof ridge for lifting and transporting

• incl. connector set with screw sets, hinges and connecting rods for easy connection of plug trays (ref. 442600-442605)

• plug tray fencing can be extended as desired

• plug trays not included


• 3268 long feed trough 42 l

• 323492 long feed trough with feeding grille 8 l

• 14454 hay rack

• 32702 hay rack double

You can find more information on suitable accessories on p. 375 – Troughs and Racks!

Please note separate freight costs.
Cabin dimensions, external:
L 238 x W 223 x H 180 cm
Fence dimensions, external:
l 220 x w 205 x h 115 cm
ref. no.
Large hutch with connector set
1,269.00 €
CalfHouse Premium 4/5 without fence
1,199.00 €

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