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Cow Cleaning Machine HAPPYCOW Duo

With the fully automatic Cow Cleaning Machine HAPPYCOW Duo, the cow is happy, willing and fully independently able to wash itself. The animals feel very happy with the 2-brush machine, and it is interesting to see how extensively they brush and massage themselves.

The large brushes and massaging action encourages the circulation in the skin and stimulates the metabolism.

Milk output is improved and increases the frequency of 'in heat' periods.

• high-quality polyamide brushes ensure a long service life

• newly developed electronics for fault-free and low-maintenance operation

• flexibly installable control unit in spray and dust-proof casing (IP 56)

• informative display for status information

• variable setting options for brush running time (7.5 - 120 s)

• alternating direction of brush movement after each activation (60 s) ensures even wear on the bristles

• optimised brushes ensure that animals are happy to use them

• permanent lubrication over the gears' entire service life

• safety switch-off (torque dependent)

• plug ready for connection to 230 V socket

The cow is cleaned on the head, neck, back, torso and side

A quality product from Kerbl

technical data



230 V / 50 Hz


0,37 kW

Brush speed:

60 rpm


140 kg


H 115 x W 40 x D 105 cm

Protection class:

IP 56

Bristle material:

Polyamide (PA)

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Cow Cleaning Machine HAPPYCOW Duo

1 2,195.00

Replacement brush top

24 199.00

Replacement brush bottom

36 149.00

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